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Friday’s Themed

I’ve been thinking and decided that I like the idea of making a day where I would talk about a certain aspect of something and I came to the conclusion that is like to make Friday into a kind of recap post theme sort of thing.
Like I would talk about my whole week, the ups, downs anything I learned that seems interesting, anything that was really funny or sad.
You know to just break the week down into a shorter version of itself and talk about the important parts, and encourage others to comment about their week and see if we can get some little chit chat and banter going.

I’d like to start with the Saturday and then work through till Thursday night as I generally write these posts in the mornings on the train to work, but I think that’s a long enough time frame to get a decent amount of stuff to mention.

That being said I don’t know if I’ll do it justice today when I break down the week as I haven’t really been paying attention to the days as they’ve gone by so I wouldn’t be able to recall what’s happened and when, I’ll still do it but next Fridays should be a vast improvement over this one, just a friendly heads up.

So starting from last Saturday, as mentioned, not a lot happened at all at the weekend, just work nothing too important, that being said a customer attacked me with a hanger and managed to cut my finger open, all because she asked me if she could pay at the customer service till and I told her she couldn’t and she had waited for half an hour, but I couldn’t help her announcements are made regularly to inform customers they can’t pay at that desk if she was there for half an hour or so she would of heard it at least once it twice. She was escorted off the premises by security shortly after. Other than that nothing exciting at the weekend.

Monday had nothing special happen, normal day of work and play, but Tuesday I had to be up at 5am to get to work for my new working hours of half 8 till half 5, and this was Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday that I had to be up that early and it’s taking it’s toll I’m shattered.

I think the only thing I really remember about the week was my stepdad coming home on Wednesday night from working away in Liverpool for 12 days which was nice because he’s a better cook than mum, and that we had fajitas for dinner on Wednesday, which is everyone’s favourite, and don’t lie I know you love fajitas too.

But as you can see a fairly I eventful week this week, what’s happened to you this week? Anything that you’d consider to be not in your normal daily routine you’d like to chat about, I’m keen to know.

Peace out ✌️

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Obnoxious Idiots a.k.a Morning Commuters

I travel by train in the morning, and I try my best to be a good little commuter, keep my bag and feet off the seats, when in in the quiet zone, my music is on a considerably lower volume and if I have to take a phone call I either talk extremely quiet or move carriage, in a nut shell I try to not disturb anyone so that I to may not be disturbed so I may read my book in piece (A Feast For Crows of the ‘a song of fire and ice’ book set, the game of thrones book) and have an overall pleasant journey.

But there are certain people who always, and I mean always, show such high levels of obnoxiousness, and it really annoys me and I bet many others as well.

There is always the guy who speaks way to loud on his phone, in and out of the quiet zone, and let’s the entire train know exactly what his day is about to consist of or what he did last night. Why do people feel the need to shout down the phone, especially at 7am, I mean no one needs to shout at any point of the day really but for some reason the is this guy that has a private phone conversation with the entire train carriage and his buddy all at once.

Then you have the ladies, who need three chairs to apply all the make up to their eyes and faces, even though it looks like they have alot on already, I know it takes a whole to do your make up in the morning, but surely standing in your own bathroom/bedroom and apply foundation and eyeliner and such, is better than swaying on a train and trying to achieve the same results, I mean it’s impressive you don’t poke your own eye out but that seems like a very unnecessary risk just for abit of make up. Also I, personally, don’t want to have to smell the perfume you freshly applied in vast and choking quantities. Really it’s just a bit obnoxious all round.

The guy with his music far to loud is another wonderful commuter I encounter daily, I like listening to music on the train, what I don’t like is being able to hear yours whilst I’m listening to mine because yours is at the same decibel level of a plane taking off, I’m a firm believer of the loud the better when it comes to music but there is a time and place and 7am and on a train isn’t one of them.

Who else we got ?

Well there is usually one or two people who smell like they don’t know what deodorant or a shower is, I mean it’s early most of us have been up for about an hour and a half maybe, and you already have rather large sweat patches and a pungent odor about you, why? What’s up with that? Obviously if it’s a medical condition that causes you to swear a lot then that makes sense and it’s alright then but you could still mask the smell abit, now I also understand that just coz I’m in my way to work in the morning doesn’t mean everyone is, some could be heading home from a night shift, and after doing all that work you are probably gonna smell abit that’s acceptable too, but for the most part I know the people I’m talking about don’t fall into either of those categories and it’s just general hygiene issues.

Lastly I need to mention the drinkers, the guys who feel the need to have a strongbow or two on the train in the morning. I’ve seen fully suited men heading towards London, get in the train open is bag, pull out a few beers/ciders and then drink them in about 15 minutes. You my friend have a problem and need help, if you need that much alcohol just to get into work and this early time in the morning then you definitely need some sort of help. Now you have the drinkers and then there are the drunks, who wander up the train and look for someone to talk to and just ramble on to for the entirety of the remaining journey, I’ve been stuck in that situation too many times and it’s not fun, these people have problems and I don’t have the patience to deal with this kind of behaviour at 7am. It’s just not right.

Obviously I understand the vast majority of commuters aren’t obnoxious, and it is only a select few but no one really needs to be that obnoxious on such an early morning.

If I missed out an obnoxious type of person that you always seen in the train, then please let me know, I’d be interested to find out about the ones I haven’t run into yet.

Peace out ✌️

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That good looking title probably has you now craving bacon.

Which is never a bad thing in my books.

Bacon is Gods treat to the everyday person, it smells like heaven and the taste is something quite divine.

When I wake up and I can smell bacon cooking, then I know that the morning is going to be bearable and everything’s quite alright.

A good old fashion bacon sarnie has the power to cure the hungover from last nights escapades and cheer up those saddened by what ever has transpired from the day or night before.

You can never beat some think white bread, crusts still on, buttered, crispy bacon and your choice of ketchup or hp sauce.

It’s just unbeatable on it’s own but you can customise as well,
you can add what ever else you want, Maybe some lettuce and tomatoes, make it a BLT,
Or maybe a fried egg, so the yolk breaks and runs all over the bread giving if dorm extra flavour,
Maybe turn the small breakfast of a simple sarnie into a full English.

There are so many great things about bacon, if you couldn’t tell I would gladly eat bacon for the rest if my life.

The only problem with writing about this is that I’ve made myself rather hungry.

Peace out ✌️

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Early mornings are the Worst

We all know the feeling, alarm ringing loud at half 5, letting you know you need to be up and showered very soon to leave and catch the train to the city to work, all to come home exhausted and sleep until alarm rings loud again.

It’s like reliving death over and over again, when I get up at 5, I feel like absolute crap all day, but it can’t be helped.

Anyone ever thought how much better the work day would be if it started at 11 instead of 9, of course it would have to end at 7 instead of 5, but I feel like getting up at 9 instead of 5/6 would be a lot better for me.

Maybe this is something we should consider trying to change, maybe just a trial period see if it works, who knows could be just the thing to save the the world from early starts and rude awakenings.

Peace out ✌️

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Addicted to Twitter

Twitter is a great example of social media, in my opinion it’s much better than Facebook and I’m pretty sure it invented the hashtag.

I’ve had Twitter for a while, couldn’t tell you how long without looking and I can’t be bothered to do that, I have had Facebook for longer, but Twitter is the site I would choose every time.

Now days Facebook is to much like a pre-school, you know where young kids go when their parents have to go to work and before they go into proper education, it’s a load of people that don’t really know each other properly, running around and screaming at one another and sometimes crying for no reason at all, although, and unfortunately, the people who use Facebook are considerably older than pre-schoolers and know how to formulate sentences (sort of) and paragraphs (also sort of) and share far too much with the entire world, in an essay of jumbled letters, abbreviations, emojis and hate, or love depending on how many of these, ❤ , are present.

Just my impressions of Facebook, if you like Facebook don't be offended by it, it's merely my own opinion which I'm entitled to.

Now I'm not saying Twitter doesn't have some of that, it does have all of it as a matter of fact, but cleverly there is a character limit that, thankfully, stops an information overload.

But this character limit is the exact reason I love Twitter, it can turn any tweet you decide to write into a puzzle.

How do I get as much information across as possible with as few words as possible, whilst potentially leaving room for a #hashtag ?

This question leads to a very interesting predicament which causes you to think about construction of your sentence and actually plan how it will come across, therefore eliminating nonsensical words typed in anger, because normally when that happens it tends to be longer than 140 characters. Of course people do tweet out of anger but they still have to construct the sentence to let everyone know how angry they are and what they are angry about in a limited way, which means I don't have to see stuff like;

Gtting stared on for talkin to ppl. So pafetic, u shouud grew up honni no use fightin about it know coz im beater than u nd I can talk to hu eva I wanna 😘

I had to scroll through about 20 something recent posts to find that.

I mean honestly come on, I mean really I feel like to read most the stuff on Facebook now days I'm going to have to become a cryptographer.

I don't even care what her problem is once I learn that she can't spell for shit and even though she has no character limit on Facebook, she feels the need to shorten the majority of her words, it baffles me, this is why Twitter is better.

I only referred to the person above as a 'her' because it was a girls status update on Facebook, I'm aware that boys are just as bad, that was just the first one I saw.

Twitter over Facebook all day everyday

Peace out ✌️

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Red bull – king of the energy drinks

I love Red bull.

It’s my go to energy drink, I like Monster, I like Relentless I like a lot of energy drinks, but Red bull is by far my absolute favourite.

I mean it tastes good, to me at least I know a few people who any stand the taste or smell of energy drinks, I like the smell personally, it goes great with Alcohol be that vodka or jäger, only problem is the price, it is one of the most expensive energy drinks to buy, I believe I haven’t researches that or anything,. Although to be perfectly honest I don’t care how much it costs, I’ll pay it. It’s a quality product that I enjoy. So it’s worth it to me.

Like always I’m looking to expand my horizons, was wondering if any readers know about another energy drink, that I should consider trying, it will have to be pretty special to knock Red bull off it’s top spot. But I reckon it’s entirely possible that there is a better energy drink out there somewhere.

Posted to day because I missed yesterday’s post, due to long work hours followed by a well deserved shed rave (don’t ask)

Peace out ✌️

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It’s Fridayyy !!

The bulk of the week is out of the way,

A few hours of work left to go,

Then the weekend begins at about 5pm tonight when we clock out, or log off the computer and stroll out the door, quite possibly to head to the local boozer with the colleagues and a couple of mates.

Who can wait?

I’m still at work right now, mentally I’m not here, I’m already thinking about chilling, kicking back maybe have a cheeky drink or two.

Honestly so ready for 5 o’clock, get to say bye to the daily struggle of commuting for TWO WHOLE DAYS.

It’s just been one of those weeks, and I know I’m not alone in the matter, where everything has just been alittle more full on than normal and everyone’s wound up just a big to tight.

But people forget all about that for a while and go have some fun, the weekend is nearly here and it’s time to rejoice.

I’m not really sure why I’m so excited and hyped for the weekend, but I’m gonna make the most of it.

Peace out ✌️